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What is Personizer?

Personizer: absence management and time tracking for your company

One tool for everyone and everything: Personizer was developed to simplify organization, planning and management. With the integrative Personizer modules, you can easily manage absences in a central location and record and document your working hours.

Put an end to tedious, time-consuming administration: Personizer takes HR workflow to a simple level. From now on, processes that used to be lengthy can be processed with absolute legal certainty, efficiently and clearly.

Created to make your working world easier: Thanks to the intuitive operation, it is very easy to carry out processes with Personizer, so that time-consuming training can be completely dispensed with.

Less time and paper chaos: Thanks to the digital software, you and your team can work particularly efficiently and sustainably with Personizer.

You can find out what other advantages using Personizer brings for you and your team here.

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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