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Why Personizer?

Personizer: absence planning and time tracking for your company

With Personizer, you and your team get a unified solution for everyone and everything.

These benefits waiting for you:
Everything at a glance: Thanks to clear graphics and lists, all relevant information can be viewed quickly. This helps you to organize yourself optimally and to coordinate with your team.

Individually adaptable: You have the option of adapting Personizer to your individual needs. Admins can change usage rights at any time, limit absences, save public holidays, define release paths and much more.

Absolutely legally secure: With Personizer you record all working hours in accordance with the guidelines of the EuGH-ruling. All changes are logged in such a way that manipulations are excluded.

Particularly efficient: If new absence requests are submitted, supervisors are notified - if desired - so that they can approve or reject them (after a quick look at the graphical overview).

Environmentally friendly: With Personizer you do without unnecessary and chaotic paper management. With the digital software you can find everything in one place.

Easy as pie: Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you don't need a time-consuming introduction and can start digitally managing your absences and recording your working hours.

Understandable for everyone: Personizer is available in German and English. This means that the tool can also be used in international teams without any problems. Even employees who are less digitally affine do not have to shy away from using it. The entire operation is very easy.

Always and everywhere: Personizer can be used from any location at any time on different end devices.

Detailed reports & reports: Under the "Reports" heading, there is always the option of downloading graphically prepared reports, so that no one has to bother with Excel spreadsheets.

Corporate design: With Personizer Pro you can customize the digital management tool in your own corporate design. You can store your company logo, set your own absence colors and create your own company domain.

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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