Vacationizr - The vacation planner for every company.

Vacationizr is an online vacation planner that takes over and simplifies vacation planning and management for you and your colleagues.

Your vacation planning used to consist of Excel lists or a wall calendar? Now you can easily request and approve your vacation requests from any device with just a few clicks. Our web-based vacation planner software uses automated processes to avoid conflicts and errors in vacation administration, and allows colleagues to coordinate their work optimally with each other.

Vacationizr is flexible and adapts individually to the size of your company. It doesn't matter if you want to use our vacation planner in a small startup, a medium-sized company or in a company with over 500 employees.

You want to know how much vacation time you have left, make clever use of bridging days or holidays, or see when your team colleagues have taken vacation? No problem! Vacationizr makes your vacation planning simple, modern and transparent. If you don't want transparency, you can of course set it individually.

Your team works across locations or departments? Vacationizr gives you a complete overview of all absences and guarantees you and your team full planning security.

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