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How can I enter remaining leave for my employees after adding them?

You can add the vacation transfer from previous years manually for each employee. This is e.g. necessary if you are currently moving your vacation planning to Vacationizr.

You can enter the vacation transfer as follows:
You go to the admin panel and click on users. In the overview you can choose the user you want to edit the remaining holiday by clicking on the holiday symbol.

Here you can see the information for the holiday of this year and last year, as well as the days taken in this year. Additionally you can see the transfer from the last year, as well as the day that have been transfered.

A simple example of this: There is a company that provides its employees with 24-day vacation a year. Now a transfer of 2 days should be entered for an employee who did not take all of his vacation in 2019.

Updated on: 14/02/2020

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