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How can I perform an upgrade?

Personizer: absence planning and time tracking for your company

Note: Only admins with the appropriate permissions can upgrade. Learn how to assign permissions here.

In Personizer you can choose from different plans and modules. Let's assume that the admin has only booked the vacation planner from Personizer so far. Now he has decided to use Personizer time tracking in his company as well and therefore wants to upgrade. In this article we will show you how to perform such an upgrade successfully.

First, click Subscription in the left navigation bar in the admin panel.

Then select Manage Subscription in the top bar to get an overview of your current plan.

Here you will find our selection of modules and plans where you can easily create your individual subscription. For example, if you want to add time tracking, simply check the Time tracking box.

Meanwhile, an overview of the new costs will be displayed on the right side. Once you agree with the changes you made to the plan, you can simply click on the Confirm Selection button.

You will be automatically redirected to your payment overview page. There you will see an overview of your new selection on the right side. To accept the change, please click on the button Confirm Information and Checkout.

After you click the button, the purchase will be confirmed and your plan changes will be fully implemented.

Note: Note that if you downgrade, the plan changes will not be implemented until the current subscription expires.

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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