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Which features are available in the basic?

Personizer: Absence and Time Management for Your Company

In Personizer you have the choice between different plans. You can currently choose between the Basic, Essential and Pro plans.

Absence planning

Enter and approve holidays, home office and other absences
Report sick
Your own absences and all of your colleagues' absences at a glance
Notifications when entering absences and sick leave
All company absences at a glance in the dashboard
Adjustable release chains with temporary and final release
Sick reports and view of sick reports adjustable
Import of user data from Excel
Mobile app

Time tracking

Record and manage work and break times
Recording via timer function
pause timer
Reporting of working times (target/actual)
All times at a glance in the dashboard
Mobile app
Chrome extension, Edge extension

The following features are available to you with an upgrade

Absence planning

Slack integration with bot to share requests via Slack
Upload of certificates of incapacity for work
Enter absences for several employees at once
Extensive rights management
iCal and Outlook calendar integration
Export of absences to Excel
Multiple companies and teams in one account
Custom absence types
Display of vacation days

Time tracking

Edit working hours for employees
Excel export

Updated on: 19/12/2022

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