Vacationizr - The vacation planner for every company.

Find out why the Vacationizr is the ideal solution when you will plan and manage vacations, home office and other absences in the company.

The Vacationizr makes vacation planning easier!

Easy setup & get started right away:
The Vacationizr is very easy to use. Right from the start, our handy setup wizard will help you create the company, employees, teams, departments, vacation policies, and release time. In addition, it offers you the uncomplicated import of data.

Invite colleagues easily:
You can easily invite your colleagues to Vacationizr. It doesn't matter if the colleagues are people who work for the company or external project members.

Excellent support:
If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team directly through Vacationizr. We will help you as soon as possible.

With the Vacationizr, vacation planning is more transparent!

Everything in one view:
Employees, colleagues, HR department and supervisors always have vacation days and absences in just one view.

No more long Excel spreadsheets:
Your vacation and absence planning is chaotic, time-consuming and tedious? The days of tediously maintaining vacation Excel lists are over. With Vacationizr you have the possibility to manage your vacation more comfortable and secure. Vacationizr automatically takes care of all tasks, such as calculating individual vacation entitlement.

Involve employees better:
Each employee receives their own user account and can thus independently enter absences and submit vacation requests in a straightforward manner. If the option to call in sick is additionally desired, this is also easily possible with Vacationizr. Notes on overlaps with other colleagues or the selection of a substitute make vacation management smarter and especially time-saving.

Extensive evaluations for supervisors and team leaders:
Your Vacationizr dashboard gives you direct information about absences of your colleagues and teams. This provides more planning security in case of staff shortages and for your budget planning.

Clever calendar integration:
With Vacationizr we provide you with calendar feeds for your own absences, those of your teams or your entire company. This way you will be informed about possible absences, for example via your personal smartphone or Outlook calendar. This is very helpful when you want to plan a meeting, because you can see directly in the overview of your calendar when who is absent.

Your vacation planner 2020:
You want to know if someone from the team has not yet entered a vacation for 2020 or how much remaining vacation you have taken from 2019? Vacationizr calculates vacation days completely automatically and always gives you accurate information about approved, taken and available vacation days.

With Vacationizr, vacation planning is more flexible!

Use it anytime and anywhere:
You are already on your way home and want to take spontaneous leave the next morning? With Vacationizr you can request vacation and absences at any time and any place. The vacation planner software can be used on different devices. Thus, vacation planning is also possible on the go without any problems, for example, thanks to the mobile app. If your supervisor is on vacation himself, this is also no problem, because substitutes for the vacation release can be defined individually.

Create your own absence types:
The Vacationizr can be set up exactly according to your own needs. You can create as many different absence reasons for your company as you like - no matter if it's training, parental leave, home office, overtime reduction or external appointments with customers. You can also define teams, holidays, approval and viewing rights individually.

Registration is also possible without a company email address:
Employees who do not have their own company email address can also conveniently use Vacationizr. It does not matter whether they are external project employees, call center employees or the cleaning lady.

Design individually adaptable:
You prefer the Vacationizr light, dark or colorful? No problem! You can set the colors according to your personal preferences. Furthermore, you have the possibility to upload your own avatar or profile picture in the Vacationizr.

User interface in German and English:
If your company is international, using the Vacationizrs is no obstacle. Thanks to the multilingual user interface (German and English), each employee can choose the language individually.

With the Vacationizr, vacation planning is faster!

More time for more important tasks:
Never again waste precious time with unnecessary administrative tasks. As a web-based software for vacation planning and absences, the Vacationizr digitizes vacation administration, speeding up and simplifying the entire process.

Increase productivity:
With Vacationizr, you'll make your leave management especially efficient. Significant time savings when requesting, editing, approving and managing leave requests and absences thanks to clever self-service. This saves unnecessary waiting times and time-consuming inquiries about available vacation days, overlaps and holidays.

Request and approve vacation with just a few clicks:
A simple click on the desired vacation period is all it takes for your supervisor to receive your vacation request. He can now approve it directly. Don't worry: To make sure your manager doesn't forget your vacation request, we'll send him an email reminder - if desired.

Extensive evaluations:
In Vacantionizr you have the possibility to create extensive evaluations. All data about absences can be displayed and thus easily help with, for example, budget planning.

Export or print data:
You want to export data and import it into your payroll software? Or quickly print out the year's data for evaluations? For this purpose, we provide you with various options in Vacationizr.

Vacation planning is safer with Vacationizr!

Secure and DSGVO compliant:
Vacationizr is DSGVO compliant and encrypted, securing your data to the highest security standards on ISO-certified servers in Germany.

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