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How do I record my working hours?

Personizer: absence planning and time tracking for your company

With Personizer's time tracking module you can record your working hours easily, quickly and legally. You have two options: our timer function and the manual entry.

Timer function:

With this function you start the Personizer timer at the beginning of your working day and record your working time. During breaks or other interruptions you simply stop the timer by clicking on "Stop". Your recorded working hours are automatically summarized and presented as a total in the reports.

You can activate the timer function both from the Dashboard and under Time Tracking.

Click Start Day to start the time tracking.

If you want to take a break, you can pause the time tracking at any time and as often as you want by clicking the Start Break button. The digital time tracking will be interrupted automatically and your break time will be documented.

You can end the break by clicking on the End Break button again.

Click on End Day to end the automatic time recording.

Manual entry

In addition to the timer function, it is also possible to enter your working times manually and add them later. This function is especially useful if, for example, you forgot to document a break or enter a day in retrospect.

Note: The account admin has the option to disable this feature.

First select Time Tracking in the left navigation bar.

Below the timer you will see your time entries. Click on Add Time Entry. A window will open where you can create a new time entry.

In the upper part of the opened window you have the possibility to customize your time entry.

Click Save to add your time entry later.

Attention: Note that the times must not be in the future.

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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