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What is a time bank?

Personizer: absence management and time tracking for your company

A time bank is a type of work schedule model that allows employees to work more flexible hours and accumulate overtime. Instead of paying out overtime immediately, it is accumulated in a time account that employees can later use for time off or to compensate for other work hours. The time bank thus enables a better balance between work and free time, and an individual adjustment of working time to the needs of the employee.

At Personizer we visualize your time bank as a tachometer. On this tachometer you can easily see how many overtime or minus hours you have and at what point they get into a critical range. Your time bank will be updated automatically as soon as your time sheet is approved.

If you are an admin and would like to adjust your employees' time banks, click here for more information.

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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