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How do I evaluate time tags?

Personizer: Absence and Time Management for Your Company

With time tags, companies can measure and evaluate the working time for a specific tag in addition to the general working time. For example, the working time used for a specific project can be measured and evaluated individually.

Note: Only admins with the appropriate authorizations can evaluate time tags. Learn how to assign permissions here.

If you want to evaluate a time tag, proceed as follows:

Click on the Reports tab in the left-hand navigation bar.

Then click on the Tag Reports tab in the horizontal navigation bar.

Under Team, select a specific team or all assigned teams.

In the Time tags category, select the label to be analyzed.

Select the time period for which you want to check the information.

Click on Preview to see the result. Alternatively, you can click on Export as CSV file and download a CSV file.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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