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What is the difference between preliminary approval and final approval?

Personizer: Absence and Time Management for Your Company

In Personizer, the process of a leave request can be customized by the admin determining if the requests do not require approval or if they need to be approved by a final approver. Additionally, one can add a preliminary approver to the process to include an additional filtering function.

The difference between a preliminary approver and a final approver is what responsibilities and authority they have within the process of a leave of absence request.

Preliminary approver:
A preliminary approver temporarily assumes responsibility for absentee requests and reviews them as the first stop. This person has the authority to reject requests, but not the authority to release requests. The provisional approver can thus assume an initial filtering function and prevent incorrect or incomplete requests from reaching the final approver. After release from the preliminary approver, the application is automatically forwarded to the final approver.

Final approver:
The final approver, on the other hand, is the last station that an absence request can reach. This person determines whether the request is finally released or rejected. The final approver thus has the authority to approve or reject requests.

Here you will learn how to add a preliminary approver in Personizer

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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