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How can I add a preliminary approver?

Personizer: Absence and Time Management for Your Company

In Personizer, the process of a leave request can be customized by the admin determining if the requests do not require approval or if they need to be approved by a final approver. Additionally, one can add a preliminary approver to the process to include an additional filtering function.

Click on Settings in the navigation bar on the left side.

Click on Users in the horizontal navigation bar.

You have 2 options to add a temporary freelancer.

Option 1:

click here and add a Preliminary Approver for this user.

click here and add a Final Approver for this user.

Option 2:

click on the pencil.

a new window will open. Scroll down a bit and you will find an area. Here you can add a Preliminary Approver and a Final Approver.

Click on Save and confirm your changes.

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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