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How do I add vacation days / sick days retrospectively?

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If vacation days or sick days need to be entered retrospectively, please contact your admin. They have the option of making entries retrospectively in the admin area.

Note: Only users with administrator rights can add vacation/sick days retrospectively. Find out how to assign authorizations here.

Click on Administration in the left-hand navigation bar.

Then select Edit Employee´s Absences.

In the search bar, you now have the option of searching for the employee whose vacation or sick days are to be edited retrospectively. Click on the employee to be edited.

You will now see the calendar of your selected employee. Click on the relevant day and choose between Absence and Sickness.

In the newly opened window, you can select what you want to add. Add a small note to your entry and click on Add to save.

The entry you have made will now be displayed in your employee's calendar and the number of (remaining) days of leave will be calculated accordingly.

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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