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How do I report sickness?

Personizer: absence management and time tracking for your company

With Personizer's vacation planner, you can easily call in sick. We explain how this works in the following article:

To request a sick note, click on Overview in the left navigation bar under the Absence section.

The overview opens. Here you will find My Overview and My Coworkers. You can request a sick note in both views.

In the My Overview view, you will find your current absence calendar. Here you can click on a day in the calendar to open a new button. Click here on Sickness. Alternatively, you can also find the Call In Sick button at the top right of both views. You can also use this button to request a sick note.

A new window will open in which you can request your sick note. Here you can specify the period of the sick note and digitally add an attachment, such as a medical certificate.

Save your sick note by clicking on Call in Sick.

Updated on: 07/05/2024

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