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How can I retroactively enter an absence or sickness?

Personizer: absence planning and time tracking for your company

In the following Helpdesk article, we will show you how to retroactively record an absence or sickness in Personizer.

Note: Only admins with the appropriate permissions can retroactively record an absence or sickness. Learn how to assign permissions here.

Click on Administration in the left navigation bar at the bottom of the Admin Panel.

The area where you can manage your employees will now open. Click on Edit Employee's Absences in the horizontal navigation bar.

A new window will open. Use the filter function to find the employee for whom you want to retroactively record an absence or sickness.

The selected employee's absence calendar will open. Here you have two options to record an absence or sickness:
Click on one of the two buttons, Add Absence or Call In Sick, at the top right above the absence calendar,
or click on a day in the calendar and then on Absence or Sickness in the appearing button.

A new menu will appear. Fill in all relevant information and click on Add.

The absence or Sickness has now been recorded retroactively and appears in the absence calendar.

Updated on: 18/06/2024

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