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How do I correct a time entry?

Personizer: Absence and Time Management for Your Company

In the following article, we explain how you can edit your time entries in Personizer at a later date:

You can easily change and correct your time entries in Personizer. For example, if you have forgotten to enter a break or have forgotten to end your time recording, you can correct it afterwards.

Note: Editing past time entries may be disabled in your work schedule. If you are unable to correct this yourself, inform an account admin about your incorrect time entry and ask them to correct it.

First open the list of your time entries by clicking on Time Tracking in the left navigation bar.

To the right of each day you will find an arrow symbol. Open the overview of the time entries by clicking on the arrow.

Note: We are referring here to the list view. The time entries may be displayed differently in other views.

Below the day, an area opens where you can see your time entries. To make a change or correction to the respective entry, select it with a click.

A window will open. In the upper part of the window you can edit your time entry.

Save your changes with a click on Save.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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